Dear colleagues,
My name is Hannah and I am an Erasmus student from England, studying and also volunteering to help those learning English here in Ljubljana. Therefore, I have arranged weekly English conversation class slots which you are more than welcome to sign up to. Each slot is scheduled to last for 45 minutes and you can choose what we focus on during the time. I'm more than happy to help with English speaking and conversation, we can practise for any English exams you have, or if you'd like help or advice with grammar, or anything else, please feel free to bring it along! You can sign up to the sessions online, and you must sign up before 8pm the night before the session in order for me to have enough warning to know to come in. If you are having any difficulties signing up, please feel free to email me at and we can try to arrange a suitable time between us.

I'm really excited to be hosting these sessions and I hope you'll sign up!